Goddess Woman Circel

Goddess Woman Circle 

Saturday 11/2, 11/3, 15/4,   3/6  2023  At 14-17:00 

Saturday 13/5 at 9-12:00 am

with Repanse Lionheart Swansong Morningstar

Place: Timmermansgatan 48, Skillinge, Österlen

11/2 Selflove
11/3 Your Body – Your Sacred Tempel
15/4 The Sensual Woman
13/5 Embody your Goddess Power
3/6 The Feminine Lover

Everytime there will be a different theme:
Selflove, Selfacceptance, Forgiveness, Embody your Goddes Power, Vulnerability, Shadow work with the dark Goddess, Your Body – Your Sacred Temple, Gratefullness, Seed, Blossoming, Ripeness. The Child, The Feminine Lover, The Sensual Woman, The Mother, The Wise Elders & Grandmother.

In the Goddess  Woman Circle we will create a sacred safe space for Sharing, Sensual & wild Goddess dance, breathwork, selflove and bodycare, selfhealing, wombhealing meditation, sacred voicework and heartsong, creative expression through writing and painting. Lightlanguage and Crystalbowl healing, angel card guidance. Awakening your inner Goddess, honouring your body as your sacred temple. Honouring and activate your sexual nurturing life energy through dance, sensual pleasure practice of selflove, orgasmic breathing and meditation, connecting with earth and heaven, healing your womb that is your sacred temple for life and creativity.

Price: 555kr inclusive organic tea and cake.