Earthhealing Meditation & Prayer Circle Free Event

Earthhealing Meditation & Prayer Circle Free Event

Good Friday 7/4 2023      at 15-16:00

Place: Timmermansgatan 48, Skillinge, Österlen
We gather in a Sacred circle to create a healing space together in a Guided Earth healing meditation. Sharing, Prayers for everyones heart & healing for the highest good. Healing music with Sacred Healing Songs, Crystalbowls, Lightlanguage & Divine Channeled message for the group.

Whatever belief or different religion you have, you are welcome. We gather in the name of love & spirituality that includes everyone. Connecting with our heart & divine love, Mother Earth, The Sun & Heaven, Christconciousness, Mother/Father God/ The Source & The Holy Spirit.

The Event is free to make it availible for everyone that needs healing, prayers, gatherings for support, & want to join and create more peace & love together on Earth.

Donations is accepted for energy exchange.

About Repanse:
Intuitive Shamanic Healer, Yamura Reiki Priestess, Divine Mouthpiece, Spiritual Guide and Soul Attendant, Naturopath, Health Coach, Biodynamic Masseur, Storyteller, Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Best Selling Author, Artist. Course leader in self-healing, self-awareness, personal and spiritual development, development of intuition, liberation of creativity, circle sharing, meditation, healing, voice work, movement, healing painting, healing writing.